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"you ain’t seeing things," a cook said. "fattening you up for the slaughter, jarhead. steak and eggs’ll look terrific when your guts are hanging out."

credits and subjects include:
rosario dawson, man on wire, david paul larson, michiel schuurman, david surowiecki, jodi cobb, jim urquhart, catherine henriette, stuart franklin, vincent yu, chloë sevigny, lækre jens of red warszawa by kim nielsen, lara stone, claudia schiffer, thedeathofyouth.com, sean young & harrison ford, wingate paine, donald weber, bruce davidson, anouck lepére, peter beard, jeremy wray, eric lafforgue, sergey komarov, jonathan swingler, y: the last man, paz de la huerta, micol ronchi, jennifer connelly, marilyn monroe, the walking dead, full metal jacket, anastasia taylor lind, david lynch by patrick swirc, takeshi kitano by marcel hartmann, spike jonze on the set of where the wild things are, brian anderson, dario lopez, amber smith, henri cartier-bresson, rylan perry, eikoh hosoe, jookyung lee, david hamilton, yorick nube, katherine bigelow, baz ratner, steven spielberg, claude chabrol, christina lindberg, bettmann, bob collins, brian duffy, artem yankovsky, creative rehab, lara stone by daniel jackson, grisha zlotnikov, fetie, the good the bad and the ugly.

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title from philip caputo’s a rumor of war.

clip from pulp fiction.

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sources of inspiration include:
the things that excite me, buamai, yay!everyday, turn on tune in drop out, haw-lin, beggar’s bash, yimmys yayo, eastern fronts, krys, but does it float, i got the yeyo, i love weed, blkbrn, regardless, the life of polarn per, them thangs, jjjjounds, who’s hot or not, greyhandgang, oh wrd, everything you love to hate, mytasteinwomen, the chrome ball incident, fuckyouverymuch, fuckhead, midnight-marauders, for the record, nonclickableitem, what the movie, thirtythr33.de, shit i like, you-need-satan, photo tractatus, online browsing, indexthevortex. movies, books, music. you know.

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