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wake up and smell the carcass.

credits and subjects include:
patrice o’neal (rest in peace), pravda by guy peelaert, todd mclellan, andrees latif, stephanie seymour, scarlett johansson, ralph gibson, steve mccurry, philippe bourgoin, paul bowles, man ray, lush, jens assur, jeanloup sieff, jane thomas, gia carangi, ed templeton, david douglas duncan, salvador dali, christine williams, nicolas asfouri, arto saari, andreas gursky, ali boulala, julia hasting, planet of the apes, misery, bharat sikka, steve mccurry, bernat armangue, the wire, a boy and his dog, blood diamond, quentin tarantino, kill bill vol. 2, the unbearable lightness of being, thaier al sudani, luis hidalgo, ilary blasi by signe vilstrup, geof kern, petros giannakouris, kellerhouse, larry clark, norman parkinson, damir sagolj, debbie harry, micmojo, der himmel ├╝ber berlin / wings of desire, taxi driver, eyes wide shut.

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title from carcass.

clip from chris cunningham’s rubber johnny.


sources of inspiration include:
the things that excite me, buamai, yay!everyday, turn on tune in drop out, haw-lin, beggar’s bash, yimmys yayo, eastern fronts, krys, but does it float, i got the yeyo, i love weed, blkbrn, regardless, the life of polarn per, them thangs, jjjjounds, who’s hot or not, greyhandgang, oh wrd, everything you love to hate, mytasteinwomen, the chrome ball incident, fuckyouverymuch, fuckhead, midnight-marauders, for the record, nonclickableitem, what the movie, thirtythr33.de, you-need-satan, photo tractatus, online browsing, indexthevortex. movies, books, music. you know.

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