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evil men could be destroyed, but nothing could be done with good men who were deluded.

credits and subjects include:
fran dominguez, gervasio sanchez, nancy fouts, brain damage, jose moraga, juliette lewis in blueberry, rafal milach, bruce davidson, david hamilton, ashley smith, samuel aranda, ralph mcquarrie (RIP), alice springs, michelangelo, dirce funari, jason florio, fright-rags.com, a.k. czinkota, hanns jorg anders, mike carroll, jonathan leder, paolo marchetti, sloth, oded balilty, richard kern, dima belyakov, serpico, david cronenberg, tao kitamoto, ryan mcginley, brandon westgate, pablo picasso by gjon mili, richard windslow, spencer tunick, sappho, lara stone, melancholia, ginger snaps, wissam shawkat, carsten peter, mireille darc, pari duvokic, evan browning, g√ľnter rambow, dahmer, david lynch, karolina krupa.

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title from arthur c. clarke’s childhood’s end.

clip from scanners.


sources of inspiration include:
the things that excite me, buamai, yay!everyday, turn on tune in drop out, haw-lin, beggar’s bash, yimmys yayo, eastern fronts, krys, but does it float, i got the yeyo, i love weed, blkbrn, regardless, the life of polarn per, them thangs, jjjjounds, who’s hot or not, greyhandgang, oh wrd, everything you love to hate, mytasteinwomen, the chrome ball incident, fuckyouverymuch, fuckhead, midnight-marauders, for the record, nonclickableitem, what the movie, thirtythr33.de, you-need-satan, photo tractatus, online browsing, indexthevortex. movies, books, music. you know.

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