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one thing you can say about intense weapons fire, it sounds like it ought to. it’s an extremely angry noise.

credits and subjects include:
winona ryder, angelina jolie, return of the jedi, paul newman & robert redford, winona ryder & angelina jolie, heather locklear, charles manson, rodney dangerfield, la haine, suspiria, michael wolf, lara stone, jerry hsu, miles davis, silence of the lambs, barbara klemm, frankenhooker, dawn of the dead, chillhiro, neil webb, the empire strikes back, robert rodriguez & rose mcgowan, cybill shepherd & bruce willis, reza nader, frida gustavsson by andreas sjodin, orson welles, danny way by j. grant brittain, twin peaks, tony hawk by j. grant brittain, shannon doherty, natalie portman, kilian eng, maxim chelak, hamburger hill, steve wilson, jesse lee denning, daisy lowe, akif hakan celebi, reservoir dogs, schindler’s list, fidel kastro by yousuf karsh, jane birkin, stefan lucut, richard a. brooks, helena bonham carter, ramell ross, pamela anderson, lara flynn boyle & david duchovny & russ tamblyn, reyk, secret museum of mankind, the walking dead, clerks: the comic book, irving penn.

title from evan wright’s generation kill.


sources of inspiration include:
the things that excite me, buamai, yay!everyday, turn on tune in drop out, haw-lin, beggar’s bash, yimmys yayo, eastern fronts, krys, but does it float, i got the yeyo, i love weed, blkbrn, regardless, the life of polarn per, them thangs, jjjjounds, who’s hot or not, greyhandgang, oh wrd, everything you love to hate, mytasteinwomen, the chrome ball incident, fuckyouverymuch, fuckhead, midnight-marauders, for the record, nonclickableitem, what the movie. movies, books, music. you know.

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