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through the years our business has been killing - it was our first calling in life. our knowledge of life is limited to death.

credits and subjects include:
pravda by guy peellaert, christina lindberg in thriller: a cruel picture, jeremy park, harrison ford in the empire strikes back, lucien clergue, harry peccinotti, olschinsky, daido moriyama, phoebe cates, charlize theron, robert freeman, bettmann, jan hronsky, terence donovan, zombieland, triumph des willens, helmut newton, mf doom & ghostface, james woods in videodrome, john cooley, robert de niro in taxi driver, peter lindbergh, greg girard, juergen teller, kris trappeniers, christophe blain, tom waits & roberto benigni in down by law, bruce willis & luc besson on the set of the fifth element, mena suvari, natalie portman, amanda lear & salvador dali by yul brynner, milla jovovich, eikoh hosoe, don mccullin, salvador dali, marteline nystad, laurent van der stockt, tony trujillo, amber valletta by irving penn, laura geurten, samantha gradoville.

check image filenames for proper identification and shit.

title from erich maria remarque’s all quiet on the western front.

clips from un chien andalou & thriller: en grym film.

download link coming!.

sources of inspiration include:
the things that excite me, buamai, yay!everyday, turn on tune in drop out, haw-lin, beggar’s bash, yimmys yayo, eastern fronts, krys, but does it float, i got the yeyo, i love weed, blkbrn, regardless, the life of polarn per, them thangs, jjjjounds, who’s hot or not, greyhandgang, oh wrd, everything you love to hate, mytasteinwomen, the chrome ball incident, fuckyouverymuch, fuckhead, midnight-marauders, for the record, nonclickableitem, what the movie, thirtythr33.de, shit i like, you-need-satan, photo tractatus. movies, books, music. you know.

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